Quarantine Camp – Day 6


I skipped breakfast and worked out. After working out, I watched an online sermon from Elevation Church on Youtube. I want to share these to you “Stop wasting today’s strength fighting tomorrow’s battle.” “Tomorrow is God’s job” This sermon really talked to me and it gave me peace. God has been telling me to STOP. He is telling you to STOP. We are all scared but don’t feed yourself fear while asking for more faith. It is okay to be informed but going through social media? That’s just going to feed yourself more fear. STOP and be in His presence now.

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Quarantine Camp – Day 4


Woke up past 0800 and checked my temperature (normal!) I decided to workout after they delivered my food. Just eating a bun while watching Itaewon Class. That Jang Geunwon! I really want to punch his face and kick his stomach! Poor Saeroyi. His dad passed away, expelled from school and went to jail because of Jang Geunwon and his family.

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Quarantine Camp – Day 3


I woke up by the sound of my doorbell which means breakfast is delivered already. Before eating, I took my temperature (normal) and prepared my drinks. Today, I have my milk tea and of course warm water. I was just chatting with my mom while having my breakfast and finally that Swarovski earrings which Son Yejin wore in 사랑의 불시착 (I have the matching necklace already) is back in stock 👏🏻🥳😊 I immediately purchased it because last week it came back twice in stock for about an hour only and it was gone again! So I promised myself that next time I MUST BUY IT!

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