Diary of a Flight Attendant (Aug 25, 2018)

Dear whoever you are,

After so much delay and minimum rest, I’m finally home 🙂

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Diary of a Flight Attendant (Aug 24, 2018)

Dear (whoever you are),

It was light load going into Manila and I was working in J. I flew with the same manager before when I went to Maldives. I really like her because she’s super fun, supportive and nice to her crews. I was surprised that there were 4 people who called sick for this flight.Read More »

Diary of a Flight Attendant (Aug 10, 2018)

Dear (whoever you are),
It was my first flight after my 15 days annual leave and I was excited (weirdo) haha but I was feeling a lil lazy still. My flight tonight is Taipei overnight and briefing starts at 1800. I got ready around 1545 and was ready around 1640. I’ve already seen the forecast (thunderstorm) and I was expecting a notification of delay yet I didn’t have any when I left home.
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Travel | B’Chill Cafe

I had a layover to Bangkok around 12 hours. Our flight arrived around 19:00 BKK time and reached our hotel around 20:30 (traffic and getting our bags) The next day, I headed to B’chill Cafe after a lot of thinking because the place is an hour away (approximately) and I heard its hard to find a taxi around the area. Thankfully, my hotel is around 40 minutes from it. I called a taxi by Grab and the fare was around 400THB. I was their first customer (I arrived around 10:30) and they don’t serve food at that time yet (they start at 11:00) I took this opportunity to take photos and videos of the place. I ordered their mango shake first while waiting. The staffs are all accommodating and friendly.

Boss Bam (credit: B’chill Facebook)

It was a good time to take a photo infront of Bam’s huge picture (above) and you can write on one of their whiteboards. I heard that Bam’s mom often take photos of it and send it to Bam.

The place consists of 2 floors and the upper floor is an open area. I think this is where people eat “noodle hot pot” but I must warn you that there is no aircon. They have fans around. The food quality matches the price. Their dessert section contains of cupcake and ice creams. I recommend to try their “Thai Milk tea crepe” and their chocolate dome. Friendly reminder about the dome, its a bit sweet for my liking but its still ok. B’chill didn’t compromise the quality with an affordable price. You can check out the prices on my video. Triple like it! They have added waffles and Taro milk tea on their menu! I can’t wait to go back and try their new menu soon.

You can find B’chill on:
Address: 187 หมู่ 4 แขวง บางบ่อ เขต บางบ่อ Chang Wat Samut Prakan 10560, Thailand


Travel | Places I visited in Jerusalem


Screen-Shot-2017-08-02-at-9.34.24-PMIt was an 11 hours flight to Israel and there is 5 hours difference (Israel is 5 hours behind) From the airport, we took an hour train to Jerusalem station and took a taxi to our hotel (around 20 minutes depends on traffic) We stayed at Shamai Suites, which is near to Pizza Hut (literally just beside it) and to other small cafes and restaurants (mostly they serve falafel, shawarma and kebab) There’s a mall and tram stop (around 20 minutes walk) Here are the places we visited (not in any order)

  1. Tower of David (they have a night show)
  2. Jaffa Gate
  3. Western Wall
  4. Mt. Olives
  5. Jericho
  6. Bethlehem
  7. Church of Nativity (where Jesus was born)
  8. Jordan
  9. Masada
  10. Dead Sea

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